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Europe is Growing! Local Food Transition is happening

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Europe is Growing! Local Food Transition is happening

Our community of EYM growers continues to grow!

Last week we added Sweden and Italy to our list of of countries! 

Thus far, its been the Netherlands (thuis), followed by Belgium, then Greece, Romania, and recently Sweden and Italy.

Big shout to Mikael from Sweden and Nicolo from Italy for your support and courage for investing in a much needed transition towards local and healthy food systems. 

I implore more of you to do the same and to connect with others to create awareness of the quantity and quality of fresh nutritious food that we can easily grow close to where we need it!

We have reached a new goal of over 100 different customers since first creating our new website of May 2023. Thanks for everyone's support! This is a huge triumph as we thought April's cyberattack would bring EYM down but luckily we survived to fight another day. The cyberhacker has no morals and monsters as they prey on the most vunerable, startups and entrepreneurs with little knowledge of cyber security. Interesting stat: 95% of hackers never get caught and hacking crime keeps growing. 

So with that in mind! The continued online presence continues, thanks to our IT friend that helped us create a new website and domain that has been inpenetrable for the cyber villains. EYM continues to be a testament to the what consistency and perservance in the pursuit of one's belief that a local food production world is possible. It is just a matter of time. I can taste it! 

In the coming weeks, we will be dedicating more time to data analytics and visual storytelling. 

This will help to visualize how our coumunities are growing. New local microgreens urban farms are popping up, left and right, and are doing what the multinational food companies should be doing...producing local, fresh, and healthy nutritious food; Instead those Multinational Food Producing Importers/Exporters, such as Koppert Cress continue to keep the status quo and green wash their business to only continue their scarcity driven food commodification and market dominance. 

This is one of the many important bridges that we must continue building as a community of local urban farmers. Remeber that it is easy to give up on sustainable ideas and technologies if you are thinking of simply selling but rather the fascination should be in the fact that this technology only needs to be purchased once and it can produce and give time and time again. Ideally, using zero inputs or implementing principles of circularity.

Lastly, if you are curious about growing microgreens or any leafy greens, I would recommend starting with what you have, as long as its food grade container. But if you are ready to grow in volumes then the 1020s deep ones and shallows depending on what you would like to grow. 

Usually, when soaking seeds before sowing, such as sunflowers, peas, wheatgrass, and even radish, then it is best to use the Deep 1020 trays. When you are densely seeding these types of seeds you will notice the need for extra root space. For the rest, the shallow 1020 trays will do the trick, such as the brassica family, which include Broccoli, Kale, Cabbage.

It is also very important to be more conscious where and what we buy.  As we know, the supermarket chain has become supermarkets create the food we eat and start empowering yourself to grow your own food. In how little space you have, there are plenty of options availability. It is not simple. The biggest hurdle is just getting started. conventional agriculture and dependency on imports of chemically sprayed and generated foods.

PS Watch a poignant lecture on vertical farming and challenges for integration:




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